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Professionally crafted \'pick up lines\' that work, any time, any place, any situation, to get any girl!

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This is NOT a cheesy or joke based ‘Pick Up Line’ app.

This app has been professionally created by Kezia Noble, the Worlds leading female pick up coach for men, a published author, weekly magazine columnist, frequent face on TV, famous for helping men achieve REAL results with women. Kezia’s most anticipated app will help increase your current level of success in picking up women!

This app provides men who struggle to approach and talk to women with professionally crafted ‘pick up lines’ that work, to help them attract women by asking simple questions…

  1. What is the time of day?
  2. Where is she?
  3. What is she doing? and
  4. How confident do you feel?

…to provide SIMPLE & POWERFUL pick up lines specific to your current circumstances that will generate an abundance of women into your life!

Kezia has helped thousands of men across the globe increase their success rate with women, and now you to can obtain her most SIMPLE AND POWERFUL pick up lines and use them whenever you next see that gorgeous woman regardless of time of day, where she is, what she’s doing and how confident you feel.

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  • Increase your chances of getting a woman
  • Having the ability to speak to any woman any where any time
  • Making impact
  • Securing the chances of a date
  • Building a conversation within in seconds
  • Give you the tools that will give you the courage to speak to women
  • Creating opportunities to meet women
  • A chance to get out of your comfort zone
  • The option of attracting women where ever you are


  • You spot a beautiful blonde sitting on her own sipping a latte in a coffee shop, and you want to approach her but your mind goes blank!
  • You see a hot girl in a nightclub dancing, and you haven’t got a clue what to say to her!
  • You notice a gorgeous brunette walking her dog in the park, but you cannot find the right words to utter to her!

Sound familiar?

Not knowing what to say to a woman when you first see her is an extremely common problem that millions of men face every single day. Most men either use cheesy chat up lines that fail, or they simply let that beautiful woman walk right past them.

Solve your pick up problems by having Kezias’ SIMPLE AND POWERFUL pick up lines on hand, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANY SITUATION, NO MATTER HOW CONFIDENT YOU FEEL, and just GO FOR IT!

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